5 of the coolest zelda products

The legend of zelda is an iconic game that has evolved throughout the years and has touched thousands of gamer’s lives.

For many of us it was the first game that made you feel like a true hero rescuing princess zelda in an epic adventure.

Here at giftney we set out to find the coolest products a fan of this amazing game could acquire to display their love for this game.

Here they are in no particular order:

Cosplay hoodie

Gear up with this unique hoodie made to resemble link’s costume, featuring a gold embroiled crest on the chest, a¬†phrygian capstyle hood and a shield on the back!

women’s version: http://www.merchoid.com/product/zelda-ladies-cosplay-hoodie/

men’s version: http://www.merchoid.com/product/zelda-hero-of-hyrule-cosplay-men-s-hoodie/




Link’s shield and sword replica

Apart from his costume the two other unmistakable items that set link apart from any other hero are his sword and his shield, and now you can have both with these replicas.

Made with high quality plastic these replicas are light enough to play around and safe enough not to be mistaken for a real weapon.

shield: http://www.merchoid.com/product/zelda-skyward-sword-hylian-shield-replica/
sword: http://www.merchoid.com/product/zelda-skyward-sword-link-s-master-sword-replica/

shield sword









The legend of zelda hyrule historia

A must have book for any zelda fan, this hardbook contains a huge collection of history about the legend of zelda franchise. with never before seen art, the complete chronology of the games and much more all taken from the creators themselves.









Ocarina from legend of zelda

Did you know that the ocarina from legend of zelda is a real instrument? with this replica from the game you can learn your favorite tunes from the game or you can make your own maybe you could find your new passion of music with this cool item.







Adventurers pouch for nintendo 3ds

Carry your 3ds in style with this faux leather carrying pouch inspired on the legend of zelda, it includes two styluses, two spaces for games, a map and a cleaning cloth.